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how would you know if a JOKE is a JOKE.

my heart is broken & i’m not sure if i could paste the pieces back. i cant even explain how much everything hurts for the past week. i dont even know where to start, how to start and how to ever end this sadness i feel.

all i did was love you. loved you


if you walk away from LOVE

you said you’ve changed. you said you’ll never be what you were before.

i always thought people change for the better. but this change is for the worse. and since you want things to be this way, never REGRET. Forhow fucking much i love you, how much i put everything in this relationship. & when the day comes that this falls, dont ask me to love you like how i did. Because For now, im trying my fucking everything to make this relationship work and for this to be better. so, when the day comes that i say that im tired. it means i can never try any longer.

i deserve better. someone save me


i need someone. please.

im begging. someone to just love me. please

i cant take this anymore. i need you to save me

i am.

i am so busy.

i am so tired.

i am missing my family so much.

i am having a better love life with my swee-ee.

 i am being offered a better job.

oh god, please help me.

I’ve lost it.

Bao, I cant design properly. Omg. Everything is turning out ugly so give me more time k? I’m so sorry. LOL

when you’re off, you’re actually on

Lets FCUK tonight.

Its my off-day today. And honestly, im loving everything at this moment. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and Its good that i’m surviving it. I’m definitly back on track. & this is the track that i dont want to fuck up right now.

(: if you’re happy and you know it, OH PLEASE clap your hands.

Its when you start asking yourself.. “What am i for?”

I feel happy that i am going to start on something, It makes me feel that I still have use in this world. Yeah, I’m starting work tomorrow.

And you know, even though, I’ve been feeling down recently, deep down inside i know i still have hope in this relationship.  Cause you, You’ve brought nothing but sadness the past few days. Even if i dont show it, my heart is dying slowly.

 Anyway, I’ve gain weight and it sucks like shit. I cant fit into my jeans where as, MOM could fit in it nicely. FYI, she lost weight drastically cause she had this sickness, and im wishing I have it too. Its not something harmful or dying kind. Oh well, She just left for japan for a business trip and I miss her already.



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