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ive been so busy. so busy that i have no time for anything.



i did a whole f-ing website for a day.
i wasted time on html because livejournal is not the same as the usual css type.

i am so tired i could just stop typing and just fuck blogging.
but i want to watch tru calling. i found a nifty site with lotsa movies to watch.


 i’ve been good, but she’s not.
i am so sad and angry for her.
so hurt and so fucked up.
i cried yesterday cause i couldnt take it too.

why do good girls end up with bad boys?
or good guys end up with bad boys?

for now, atleast my boi boi is not bringing me heartache and tears
“boi boi” sounds so gross, i really should sleep now

a letter to the heart

dear you,

please give me the strength to do the things i need to do, and not the one i want to do.
please show me the road that i need to take, not the one i want to take.

i need a new me. a need to find the new me.
i want to start from way back, so i could hurt lesser people like my mom, like the ones that i love the most.

i want to run away, run away where no one knows me and have a new name.
my name, which i hate so much gave me so much pain and less happiness.

i just want someone to love me, someone who loves me more than i love him.
i want to be selfish, because i deserve to be.

i want to make everything right, but i am so scared to start. i dont even know where to start. i have countless sins. sins that i’ve never thought i’d ever have. sins that would break my mothers heart. sins that would make her hate me and wished that she never had me.

i am that fucked up.
so fucked up that i dont even know how to react.

please, forgive me.
anyone who might read this. please forgive me and give me a chance.
tell me that everything will be okay and i’ll be happy.



i feel so lost.

Lyric Post: Heart Restless – When she Cries

The road I have travelled on
Is paved with good intentions
It’s littered with broken dreams
That never quite came true
When all of my hopes were dying
Her love kept me trying
She does her best to hide
The pain that she’s been through

When she cries at night
And she doesn’t think that I can hear her
She tries to hide all the fear she feels inside
So I pray this time
I can be the man that she deserves
‘Cause I die a little each time
When she cries

She’s always been there for me
Whenever I’ve fallen
When nobody else believes
She’ll be there by my side
I don’t know how she takes it
Just once I’d like to make it
Then there’ll be tears of joy
That fill her loving eyes

(Repeat chorus)

So I pray this time
I can be the man that she deserves
‘Cause I die a little each time
When she cries…


new hobby.

new shop.  

Time & Jewelry

Its 629 am and i just finished shopping.

 Yeah, I was so sexcited to go chinatown to go charm accesories shopping but i found a website full of it and its pure love. I spent $100 just for the starters. Im so excited!!!!

Its tuesday so it means that theres not much wow today and its movie day.
I’ve been feeling happy because swee-ee spent time watching “miracle of love” with me.
Yeah, Im a drama queen. specially korean dramas (:

I might open a charm website to sell off & get back my starter money. huahahaha.
but before that, i will give it as presents! specially to my gengen who’s been feeling so down the past week.



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