i could forgive but could never forget

slept for 3 hours from 8am and reached fareast at 12pm.
wanted to go visit raymond at monsoon but monsoon is way too far so i just settled for fareast. extentions was 400bucks so i fucked it. realised that my hair was fugly & boring so i asked the lady to recommend me a new look.

So perm it was! i was telling a friend how i laughed at someone before because she looked fugly in CURLYs. damn funny okay! We looked so crazy laughing. well it was true la and i know i shouldnt be mean but im sorry okay.

So laugh all you want if you think i have fugly curlys, i dont really give a damn (:
as long as he says that I looked beautiful tonight, I’m happy.

So i went shopping after that, i screened the whole of fareast but couldnt find anything at all so i went to taka to use my voucher, i wanted to buy my chanel and splurge on cosmetics but buying a  couple of  lipgloss would never be enough anyway so i decided on a guess wallet. We walked to wisma to settle my pay from FCUK & thats when i said i wanted to go to fareast again. In the end, I bought a white shoe, white bag and a gold clutch.

Its sickening how topshop, zara, f21 and all that has the same design of clothes.
Only the tagging was different, I swear I wanted to ask who thought of the design first but fuck it, If they want to be boring that way then so be it!

It was TUESDAY and its my day, but my dear swee ee was hexed into a pig and decided to sleep. so no movie day, no dinner date and no sweet nothings. But its okay, cause he loves me and i love him too (: he cooked me breakfast at 3am when i woke up from my tiring day. I slept when i came back from shopping and it was sad i ended tuesday just like that. Winson and Elvin called for Mahjong but we both ended up sleeping.

I’ll see the crispy boys for some crispy later

Its gross how you settled for someone who looks gross,
I remember how you hated Minah Looking Girls.
Well guess what?
She looks worse than that.
HAHA. Good for you, Its all Karma


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