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it ends tonight,

i am not abandoning this,
i just feel i cant talk much in here,

leave a comment if ur interested in my so called life.
haha. i bet if xiaxue finds my blog, she’ll mark me as one of the worse, gross, lamest or whatever it is in this blogging industry.


Deleted Entries

I have deleted my 3 previous entries not because i regret what i said but because of some people’s big mouth.

Do you know the feeling of wanting to say so much things but you know that people would talk & talk and talk. im not xiaxue who’s not scared of anything or anyone and i admire her for that.

i feel like having my own personal space where i can post ugly pictures, say ugly things, say mean things about people and say fucked up things without being judged.

it just means that I am not strong, and there’s something wrong with me?
haha. whatever

My Love for Colors

I admit that I am more conscious than I was before. I admit that I shop alot because I want to get all things that are pretty and want them on me. I admit I want to look pretty because I admit that I am not pretty. Lets not even go to beautiful. I admit that make-up, cosmetics or any of that sort does not mean pretty. I admit that I’ve stopped collecting stickers and stationaries because i think I’m older now. Thus, I want to admit that this is what i collect now..

I admit I am quite boring and not colorful enough


2 weeks.
I survived 2 weeks of intensive classes but still, im not sure if i’ll A’s my assignment and exam. Its a must that I get A because we (classmates) cant have any grades below C. Thats the new rule. If not, I will go Bye Bye and Die.

4 weeks
I did 4 weeks of intensive GSS (shopping). Thats how much i contribute to this damn society. Hoho.

1 week
Is how much I have to study for Fridays exam and Friday’s deadline for assignment.

Is how much I will love keith.
I have so many questions in my mind. Sometimes, I even cry because I am so scared of what might happen to us. But everytime I ask him all these.. his answers would be so worth it. It may not be firm but its assuring.

I know I complain alot. I know I have so many things to say but i do it all for the fact that I want to be assured of my future.

I love keith not because of what most of you think. I love keith because of all the things that we gone through. Ohh yea.. you just dont know how much we’ve gone through. And because I know that even if someone else comes along, I will still stay and continue to love keith. Dont believe? Not my problem la.

I am still going oooo ooo gah gah over the face shop but because I’ve bought the whole shop already.. What else could I possibly do but go back and re-stock or wait for new arrivals.

I is happy. I should always be



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