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My Love for Colors

I admit that I am more conscious than I was before. I admit that I shop alot because I want to get all things that are pretty and want them on me. I admit I want to look pretty because I admit that I am not pretty. Lets not even go to beautiful. I admit that make-up, cosmetics or any of that sort does not mean pretty. I admit that I’ve stopped collecting stickers and stationaries because i think I’m older now. Thus, I want to admit that this is what i collect now..

I admit I am quite boring and not colorful enough


its all about your love

i was looking through friends entries and all i seee is love hate entries.
that love hurts, love sucks, they suck, she suck, i suck, you suck.

& ive been trying not to blog because of that same reason, i didnt want to complain anymore. i’ve decided that i should just shut it to myself. sleep on it & forget it. well maybe because, nothing big had hit me yet and im wishing that nothing would.

i was singing “someday” and that day really came. hahahhaa
and im happy.

my days last week had been packed. monday was shopping day was spent with kb, wed was spent with the gfs & kb’s friends was at peach garden till friday morning, thursday was with family, friday was rest day, today was broadway beng show & tomorrow is hosp day i guess?

i havent been to the hosp because i couldnt celebrate was someone was in pain.
and oh I NEED a HAIRCUT. & xueer, everything happened so fast today that we didnt really get to chiiitchaaat. i miss uuu!!

Time & Jewelry

Its 629 am and i just finished shopping.

 Yeah, I was so sexcited to go chinatown to go charm accesories shopping but i found a website full of it and its pure love. I spent $100 just for the starters. Im so excited!!!!

Its tuesday so it means that theres not much wow today and its movie day.
I’ve been feeling happy because swee-ee spent time watching “miracle of love” with me.
Yeah, Im a drama queen. specially korean dramas (:

I might open a charm website to sell off & get back my starter money. huahahaha.
but before that, i will give it as presents! specially to my gengen who’s been feeling so down the past week.

her black and white affair

myfairygodmama & me

i wanted to write down how much i enjoy grocery shopping with keith, but i’d rather not….  i know its just temporary happiness & thus i shud just keep it to myself.

i went home the other day for my sisters 14th month. i bought her a pair of shoe and a set of clothes. im feeling the “bigger sister” attitude. oh wells. i miss her so much & ive missed so many days of seeing her grow.

ive been wasting time designing icons for a community in Livejournal. As usual, Its because i dont have anything to do.

I’m having a good holiweekend. Friday was boring till Gen came and i was happy – it seemed like as if she visited me in my own little cave. (I nearly missed dinner because Prince Tiger refused to go out cause of WOW) We to redhill to eat some BBQ chicken, stingray, oyster egg & claypot rice.

Today, We had BBQ at peachgarden, Aussie Beef, Cod fish, Chicken, Pineapple, Mushrooms, Pork – it was all heavenly. And just, Me and Prince Tiger went mini grocery shopping to replenish our snacks.  

Tomorrow, Im going home to attend church with my family. Mark and Delkin is deciding to come to my place and swim + gym.

Oh please fairygodmama, Please dont take my smile away. Please?

when you’re off, you’re actually on

Lets FCUK tonight.

Its my off-day today. And honestly, im loving everything at this moment. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and Its good that i’m surviving it. I’m definitly back on track. & this is the track that i dont want to fuck up right now.

(: if you’re happy and you know it, OH PLEASE clap your hands.

When you’re happy and you know it, CLAP your hands.

I did a photo layout even if my eyes were shutting due to the fact that i slept at 6am and was awake by 9am for my doctors appointment. I havent slept since then.. not even a nap. So when i was done with the layout, i closed everything. Then, I logged into wordpress wanting to post the damn thing when i realised that the file was lost. In the end, it was not lost but was not saved. Yeah, I didnt even save it at all.

I swear I felt like a loser! Not because I did it with all my love, but because i thought i saved it into another folder. so i spent time searching through my whole com longer than i did the damn thing (: Rejoice to all the losers like me.



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